Educational Marketing:

Attracting and retaining students are vital processes for educational institutions. In a scenario of great competition , but also of growing demand and many opportunities , institutions need to demonstrate their differentials and undertake marketing efforts permanently.

With the digital inclusion revolution , marketing and sales processes have become increasingly sophisticated, capable of handling a large volume of interested parties in a personalized way, through digital media (which individually impacts the target audience) and automation of marketing .

Modern marketing and sales tools represent an opportunity for educational institutions because they are perfectly suited to the purpose for which they were created: to attract, engage and convert audiences. So we could even say that teaching is the essence of this new marketing.

Pillars of Educational Marketing:

  • Traffic: being found on Google, generating traffic on social networks, generating content that increases visibility

  • Engagement: generate recognition from students through social networks, create an inbound campaign for interested parties

  • Conversion: capturing leads through ads, creating closing communications (CRM, sales letter, business process automation, inbound campaigns, etc.)

  • Enchantment: integrated communication with students, technology to improve teaching processes.

Our clients:

  • Standard Fan Colleges (Goiânia)

  • Projection Institute (Goiânia)

  • ICG Institute of Consciousness (Goiânia)

  • Fibra College (Anápolis)

  • FacCidade (Aparecida de Goiânia)

  • FacUnicamps (Goiânia)




  • Client 1: 2 graduate classes closed in 60 days. 200 qualified leads generated. Conversion rate into enrollment close to 50%. Average CPL (cost per lead) of R$7.00.

  • Client 2: 50 agreements with companies generated in 30 days. Email campaigns engaging with business lists. ROI (investment retort of 2400%)

  • Client 3: 30% lead conversion rate. Approximate ROI of 800%. Qualification of leads through social networks, with reduced effort from the sales team.