Marketing Mentoring with Conrado Lima

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Hi, I'm Conrado Lima, consultant, teacher and mentor in Digital Marketing.

I have been working in digital marketing for over 15 years. Today I am in charge of my agency, 4est Marketing e Branding , and I am coordinator of the MBA in Marketing, Inbound and Digital Influence at Instituto Projeção , in Goiânia.

Welcome to my individual mentoring program!

If you are...

  • Wasting a lot of time trying to learn on your own;

  • Losing money on campaigns that didn't work;

  • Needing to publicize your business but cannot pay a team or employee to do so;

  • You have specific questions that you can't find answers to on the internet;

  • Trying to implement actions that don't go out of place;

  • Failing to focus on what really matters;

  • Not knowing where to start;

  • Needing to quickly understand what is the best digital strategy for your business...

This mentoring is for you!

In a few hours of personalized follow-up, you can save not tens, but hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of your life!

"I understand the strategies that work with other people and I believe I'll be able to put them into practice for myself, but when I get down to business..."

With my mentoring, you will be able...

  • Identify the best marketing strategy for your business

  • Understanding how to put into practice worthwhile actions

  • Invest your money better

  • Find the best tools

  • Reduce your marketing cost knowing better plan your actions

  • Focus on what works!

How can I help you

  • Social networks

  • Web site

  • web analytics

  • Create paid ads

  • Strategy and planning

  • Improve campaigns

  • Design, content and texts

  • sell online

  • Ask questions at ease!


Ludmilla Pardim

I worked with Conrado, with a different consultancy, where I learned how to put digital marketing into practice in my company!

I feel happy to be able to learn more from you! Working like this, with people like you who took me out of my comfort zone and made me grow as a person, is a pleasure and a privilege.

You have many qualities and deserve all the praise, not only as a professional, but also as a person.

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Flavio del Lima

Conrado is a brilliant professional. Whether acting as a consultant or leading the coordination of MBAs, he demonstrates a lot of empathy, dynamism and a unique ability to solve problems simply and quickly.

I had the opportunity to teach a module of "User Experience and Usability" in an MBA at FacUnicamps (Goiânia/GO), whose Conrado was the Coordinator, and it was simply amazing to participate in this endeavor.

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Eliza Schinner

I had a unique and longing opportunity to work with a professional who makes you feel free to create, knowing how to say yes or no at the right times.

Responsible, dedicated and extremely focused on your goals, makes projects really happen. Waiting for the next opportunity to work together.

How much?

  • Only BRL 79.00/hour

  • No minimum hours contracted

  • No bureaucracy of any kind

  • Direct access via whatsapp

  • Progressive discounts for hour packages

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Let's go together?

Who am I

I was born in the city of petrópolis (RJ) and have lived in Goiânia for 6 years.

I graduated in Social Communication from Faculdades Integradas Hélio Alonso, and in Philosophy from UFRJ, in Rio de Janeiro.

I have a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Commercial Management from PUC-Goiás.

My agency is now a reference in Goiânia, with more than 40 clients of all sizes, from small entrepreneurs to large companies in the real estate and educational sectors.

In Goiânia, I coordinate the MBA in Marketing at Instituto Projeção , and teach in several postgraduate courses in the city, at institutions such as Facunicamps , Faculdades Fan Padrão , among others, in the disciplines of Marketing Fundamentals, Digital Media Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Model, Integrated Communication, Open Channel Management, Digital Advertising Tools and Lead Generation, Innovation Management and Project Management.

How my mentoring works

My mentoring takes place via videoconference, or in person (after the pandemic passes).

In these meetings, I actively listen to your main challenges, and help you solve them, challenging you to find unique paths using the channels and tools that are working in your segment.

I believe that in digital marketing there are no formulas, and only focused work can generate results. That's how I generated results of millions (yes, millions) in sales for my clients.

At the first meeting, we will try to understand your moment, and create an accelerated learning schedule that will involve:


Choice of channels and tools

How to get good and cheap suppliers

Create your digital presence

How to sell online

And much more!

Only BRL 79/hour

(for a limited time)

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