Digital Transformation:

  • Financial systems misaligned with customer relationship systems

  • Ineffective billing systems (not sending slips by email, reminders, etc.)

  • Lack of a recurring communication tool with its customers

  • Lack of management and sharing of company documents and assets

  • Absence of communication models

  • Manager has a "blind spot" in accessing team communications with clients

  • High cost of payment slips and payment methods

  • Rework and financial inefficiency

  • Financial reporting failure

  • Default

  • Lack of agility in creating marketing campaigns

  • Business processes without clear direction

  • Confusion in business and financial process metrics

  • Lack of identity in marketing communication


  • Default

  • Unfocused, expensive and ineffective marketing

  • Waste of team time in communicating with the customer

  • Communication with the customer without a defined standard

  • Manager without information on business and relationship processes

  • "Reactive" and overloaded financial

  • Unpredictability of business revenues

  • Unloyal and dissatisfied customer

  • Sales team without marketing support

  • Service team not focused on customer success

How am I going to digitally transform my business?

  • Know the business metrics (from website traffic and social networks, to financial, through commercial and marketing metrics)

  • Create predictable sales and marketing strategies

  • Implement customer relationship software (CRM)

  • Implement a financial system that automates the billing process

  • Integrate the financial system with the customer relationship system

  • Focus marketing communication on customer success, offering solutions, not reactive problem solving

  • Maintain close and standardized communication with customers

  • Communicate the business purpose and your success in all possible media